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Traumatic Amputation Injury


Amputation or loss of limb is any loss of an upper or lower body part. The loss can be “partial” or “complete loss.” This depends on how badly injured body part is.

For example, amputation or loss of limb can include any of the following:

  • arm, leg, hand, foot, toe, finger, genitalia
  • nose, eyelid, chin, ear, cheeks
In fact, surgeons can work miracles and successfully reattach fingers, hands and arms, and help them work normally once again. But surgical reattachment t is not an option when there’s too much damage to the amputated limb.

Common Causes of Limb Loss

In some cases, you may suffer extensive damage to an arm or a leg that your doctor may recommend amputation, and in others, you may suffer a traumatic amputation during the course of an accident. Many actions can contribute to the loss of a limb or a medically required amputation.
  • Car accidents: You can suffer limb damage during the course of a car accident, whether you were in a motor vehicle, on a bicycle or motorcycle, or even crossing the street.
  • Machinery accidents: If you work with heavy machinery, many accidents can result in mangling damage or the loss of a limb completely.
  • Collisions with heavy objects: A heavy object falling onto your limb or crushing you against a hard surface can result in irreparable damage.
  • Burns from fires, chemicals, or electrical equipment: Third and fourth degree burn injuries may damage your muscles, nerves, and bones, and your surgeon may recommend amputation if the damage is too severe to repair.

Liability for Amputation Injuries

All these things come with a big price tag. Who pays for the amputation victim’s costs? The answer is: it depends.
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If the injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, then that person is responsible for paying for your medical care. The accident victim has to file claims to recover costs from that person, both the immediate care and future expenses.
So, first, you have to figure out how the accident happened and the cause/source of the accident. This is where accident victims really need the help of an experienced amputation injury attorney. The attorney knows how to collect the facts, determine liability and responsibility, and gets fair compensation for your injury.